About us

Catering is in my blood. My earliest memories are of guests in our bar and hotel. In our family, we always put our guests first! This is their home. That is how I was brought up and I am happy to keep things that way. I think it is wonderful to see people relax. I love a party and to us, ‘Nobel’ stands for the enjoyment of Ameland, the expanse of the mudflats, the peace and quiet. Time for yourself. People really need to feel at home here.


My father converted the farm of Willem Barend Snr, my great-grandfather, into a liquor store. These days, it is where you will come across Klaas van de Meij and our oenologist, Dirk Metz. He can tell you all there is to know about wine and champagne, as well as our extensive collection of whiskies, port and cognac. If you wish, you can order a bottle of wine from him to go with your meal in our restaurant.


Besides the bar, my father also started the hotel which I have modernised and furnished designer rooms. Yes, even on Ameland you have to move along with the times. Although the bar still has a retro feel about it, you don’t really want to sleep in a room from the old days any more.


These days our guests can stay in a suite in an old church diagonally opposite the hotel. It had been up for sale for several years, but when I had a look around it I immediately saw its potential. I couldn’t resist and bought it at once. Even if I say it myself, the suites turned out to be gorgeous. Our guests are ecstatic about them.


The bar in my great-grandfather’s farm has now grown into a fully-fledged catering establishment: a lovely, nostalgic bar a premium restaurant for your culinary experience,  a modern, luxury hotel  with splendid designer suites in an old church in Ballum and a distillery that boasts a wide range of drinks. Besides Nobeltje we also sell other Ameland products for you to take home with you.


Yes, I am proud of my family and what we have created here, and I am delighted to be able share that pride with our customers. So come and visit us, even if it’s just to drink a cup of coffee and taste the flavour of Ameland: my great-grandfather Willem Barend Snr’s Nobeltje.


Barend Nobel



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